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I use my mind, heart and presence to mediate conflicts and to help people step into their potential
Individuals - Teams - Groups

  • In our conflicts and in our greatest challenges lies the power to change, the power to say YES! to life. 

  • External and internal conflicts often bind all our strength. Behind it lies our untapped potential. 

  • I support people in taking on their conflicts and in embracing their potential in order to take responsibility and take new paths in life. 

  • I know this well. It has been my own path in life.

Conflict transformation and process support

Lover's Shadows
Lover's Shadows
Lover's Shadows
Lover's Shadows


Are you about to have a difficult meeting or discussion with high escalation potential?


I moderate difficult meetings where impartial external support is required. With structured moderation and mediative approaches, I contribute to constructive meetings. 


Would you like to clarify and work on a conflict in your organization, in your team, club or in the neighborhood?

I support conflicting parties in clarifying conflict and looking for solutions and finding ways to clarify or restore the relationship. I support groups in finding their way back to performing as a team, to cooperate or coexist.


Would you like to develop your own and your peers' or team's capacity to collaborate and to address conflict in an open and constructive way?

What do you and your peers need in order to confidently address conflicts and to grow into a mature culture of collaboration? I offer training and work with you to develop individual strategies, resources and a mindset to strengthen your ability to collaborate well and deal with conflict.


Are you confronted with a highly complex conflict involving several parties and affecting many people?

I support you in analyzing conflicts, deciding whether mediation or other instruments are required and advise you in designing participatory processes.

Coaching and inner work​


Are you stuck with a specific problem? You can't find the next branch in life, or you simply want more flow?

Together we look for a strengthening of awareness of your specific situation. We create a space, in which you can explore the difficult and easy things in life more freely and break new ground step by step. We include mind, body and emotion in equal measure.

Depending on your needs, I support you in your inner work and mindfulness practice, in self-reflection on overdue patterns, in the development of resources, positive anchors and different perspectives, as well as in exploring new perspectives, behavioral approaches and problem solutions. 

 WALK ON THE WILD SIDE (coming soon)

Exploring yourself and your own powers in the mirror of and in  playing with nature?

We allow ourselves to be touched by the power of nature and feel our own powers in this mirror. The offer is aimed at individuals as well as groups, the framework can be designed flexibly. 

Human beings are nature. The complete spectrum of nature can therefore also be found in our full power. Then we are not only foresighted, generative and nurturing. We are also light-footed in the moment, universally amused and yet knowingly kind. We are wild, irrepressible, passionate, sensual and physical. And we are romantic, ephemeral, and fascinated by that: the deeply hidden and the darkness, in which we may find ourselves

We can find all of this in nature if we listen and sense carefully. In the swaying of the treetops or the blades of grass. In the playfulness of a mountain stream, in the stormy wind on a summit. In the roaring of the deer in autumn, in a chamois escaping, in the indignant whistle of the marmot.

We are at home in nature. It gifts us the opportunity to experience ourselves as part of it. Seeing our vulnerability as well as our wholeness. I'll take you on a journey into the dazzling and vibrant world out there that has fascinated me since childhood. Through the elements and seasons, up to the peaks, into the crystal clear river water, through the freezing cold to the warming sun.


Matthias Ryffel - certified mediator (SDM)

Mediator & Coach
open - curious -  impartial - confidential - benevolent - appreciative - solution-oriented
clear - curious - mindful -  transformative - systemic - nature-inspired - trauma-informed 


Mediation means to me
Creating a safe space that allows people in conflict to pause and reflect on their interests and needs and stand up for them. What needs to be clarified is clarified, what is difficult finds its place and is brought into relation. When everyone can listen to each other with open ears again, there will be room for mutually acceptable solutions. This is how we create solutions in relationship.

As mediator and coach I would like
Meet people openly and appreciatively where they are - offer them the best possible process so that they can relate more deeply to each other and to their situation; learn to recognize outdated patterns in dealing with each other and with problems; explore their potential and explore new paths - support people, their conflicts and difficultiesto solve independently.

As a mediator and coach, I excel with

  • Experience in mediation and team development processes in  Teams and committees up to 30 people

  • Experience in design and facilitationlong-term learning processes of groups

  • Experience in coaching individuals

  • Experience with complex, political and highly escalated conflicts from international mediation support

  • Appreciation and feeling for the work on the relationship level in interpersonal matters

  • Empathy and impartiality in dealing with emotions

  • Structured and methodical approach to analysis, process design and session flow

  • Linguistic precision and creativity in the process

  • Substantial experience with mediation in virtual formats

  • Consulting and training experience in intercultural contexts

Friends, partners, inspiration, clients

forum friedenskultur.png


Matthias Ryffel

Work experience

I've startet setting up my own company ChangePerspective in 2020. I am certified as a mediator by the Swiss umbrella organization for mediation (SDM). I am pleased to stand ready to act as a «mediator in the mediation pool at ETH Zurich». 

As a facilitator and consultant, I joined collaboration helvetica in June 2023, embarking on the adventure of sustainability and regeneration. That means accompanying system's change, combining inner and outer work, and doing pioneering work in Switzerland to promote the SDG's! 

2022 - 2023 I worked with the DIACOVA AG, for which I remain active as a freelancer, taking a deep dive into the development of personnel and organisations. Analyzing potential of leaders, coaching, assessments, team development, conflict management and leadership training are all part of my exciting and varied range of tasks for DIACOVA. 

Between 2018 and 2022 I worked full-time for swisspeace in supporting mediation and dialogue processes. I worked geographically  predominantly to the Middle East, particularly Iraq. I trained, supported and advised local organizations and mediators, primarily in cooperation with the UN.

At themediation deskof the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs I was between 2015 and 2018 with the basics of the Friedensmediation familiar. I was very fortunate to learn from experienced Swiss mediation consultants.

From my earlier work as a freelance journalist, the aspiration that I had internalized at the time helped me to listen in a focused manner, to formulate precisely and to analyze quickly.

On a personal level, I am currently educating myself in the so-calledTimeless Wisdom Trainingfurther in order to be able to include collective and intergenerational trauma in transformative conflict work in the future. In self-study, I also deal intensively with eco-psychology and nature-based approaches to personality development. 


2019-2021 I have at theEuropean University Viadrinasuccessfully completed the master’s degree in mediation and conflict management.

In 2018-2019 I completed a course in interpersonal mediation at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (CAS, Basics of Mediation).

I have previously completed various peace mediation courses, including the National Dialogue and Peace Mediation Course (swisspeace, 2018).

Since 2015 I have helped to organize and support mediation courses run by the FDFA. I have been running mediation and dialogue courses for swisspeace myself since 2018 (e.g. the courseStrategic Dialogues In Peace Processes), currently for theInternational Mediation Campus.

In the field of meditation, mindfulness and inner work, I have gone through a large number of different stations over the past decade. Important cornerstones for me were a stay in theCasa Betulla,regular work with coaches according to the NARM method and the method of transparent communication according to Thomas Hübl, courses on more mindfulnessSexuality with Dianne Richardsonas well as mindfulness training after theClarity approachof Jeru Kabbal. 

Why do I accompany people in conflicts and in the search for their essence and their potential?

Also thanks to my meditation outI have set about working on and integrating my own topics in education: These include, for example, difficult onesSeparations and conflict experiences on a relationship level, the early death of my mother, or my development towards a healthier attitude malehkeit. alwaysI experience and discover r again in my own personsocial challenges also positive power for change and new appreciation for life.

Today I know for myself that the path to flow and lightness on the outside leads inwards. The meditation, the close contact with nature and the daily exploration of space and consciousness allow me to better contain all the small and big joys, sorrows, and experiences of life.  

Facilitation: in einer Teamentwicklung
I love flipcharts
in den Bergen tanke ich auf
Die Suche nach dem Flow
Austausch unter Kollegen am Basel Pecae Forum
Beobachtend in Mediations-Rollenspielen (2017)
Couloir Breche des doigts - weitab der Komfortzone
Innehalten in guter Gesellschaft
Mediationstraining am Ilanzer Sommer 2022
Moderation am Basel Peace Forum 2022
In den Bergen tanke ich auf
Mit Freunden in der Seilschaft: Freundschaft, Vertrauen, Bezogenheit, Entfaltung, Grenzen erfahren
Moderation der Eiskletter Weltmeisterschaften in Saas Fee 2022
Eine Einführung in die Friedensmediation (2018)


Bern, Switzerland

+41 79 338 75 24

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